BACK Kitchen with no boundaries - Prepare for the garden grill season!

Kitchen with no boundaries - Prepare for the garden grill season!

2019. 03. 12
Kitchen with no boundaries - Prepare for the garden grill season!

Kitchens move outdoors in the summer - if weather is nice to you, you can even have grill parties in the middle of spring! And to ensure a great oudoor cooking experience, you have to go for the best grill and outdoor kitchen equipment possible, as well as designing your outdoor cooking area in a comfortable and functional way. In 2019 at the 10th Kitchen Show, grill enthusiasts could dive into the world of outdoor kitchens at a separate corner built for garden grills and tools - and we made a list of the best tips and tricks for the perfect grill experience this summer!

Be honest to yourself

You have important decisions to make, so ask yourself some questions: how often will you use your outdoor kitchen? Do you want to you use it on weekdays even, or only on special occasions? Is it only for your family or for a wider circle of friends? Do you like to experiment in cooking or are you looking for traditional grill moments? Are you a BBQ or a pizza person? Many, many possibilities for a garden kitchen, so it’s better if you start thinking of the profile of your outdoor kitchen from the get-go.

Get informed

Before visiting grill stores and shops, look around online, ask about friends’ experiences with outdoor cooking! You will surely find the perfect equipment for you, as there’s a wide range of grill and kitchen products available at manufacturers, from portable grills to outdoor furnaces. Electric grills lack the traditional atmosphere and smoky flavor, but they are much easier to install, maintain, and they can be used indoors as well. The same goes for gas grills. Traditional charcoal grills give your food amazing flavor, can be installed nearly anywhere, but you need to carefully supervise them while using them. Concrete grills have a great visual mark on any garden due to their size, but they have a restricted cooking surface, and repairing or removing them needs a lot of time and work. All solutions have their pros and cons - but getting informed is crucial to be able to make a decision that works for you.

Be fully equipped

Quality food needs quality equipment - the same goes for grills. You have to get all the necessary grill equipment and tools for the perfect, stimulating outdoor cooking experience. First, you need the grill itself, obviously. But aside from that, you should think about all the tools and accessories that will make your time in your outdoor kitchen comfortable and effective. Get heat and fire resistant gloves, a sufficiently long stainless steel plier, and when it comes to turners and spatulas, get at least two of each. Even though most grills have their built-in thermometer, you cannot go wrong with a food probe that makes it easier to check the inner temperature of meat.

Stay clean

Dirty apron, clean worktop - says the old kitchen adage. It’s true that maintaining a clean cooking environment is always important - even in the garden! Keep your tools and equipment neat as well, so that they are ready for use. Get a hard bristle grill brush for easy cleaning of your cooking equipment - you can keep the grill rack warm, making it easier to clean. Apply some oil to it and get rid of sticky bits of food.

Take your kitchen outside!

Even in a garden there are countless ergonomic principles in cooking and kitchens that you cannot change. Ingredients and tools should be at the reach of your hand - but not getting in the way of your work! Leave a lot of space around the fire pit - mostly out of security reasons -, but also create some space for temporarily storing your ingredients. You shouldn’t have to move a lot when reaching for some veggies or meat! Prepare for the unexpected: work out a Plan B or C for when things don’t go the way you originally intended. You wouldn’t want to waste precious ingredients and time!

Give yourself time

For an outdoor kitchen that doesn’t need constant maintenance, go for products that stand the test of time. For the longest operation, install a built-in outdoor oven with a stone front and granite worktop for maximum visual effect and durability. Stone surfaces can withstand changes of weather with no problem, making them the perfect choice for a timeless outdoor kitchen.

You can’t wait to run into your garden and turn on the grill, can you? First, visit Gardenexpo on March 22-24 at the Budapest Arena for a wide range of grill products, and get professional advice from grill manufacturers and experts on the perfect outdoor kitchen!

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