BACK Kitchen trend guide for 2019

Kitchen trend guide for 2019

2019. 01. 22
Kitchen trend guide for 2019

The kitchen is one of the most exciting areas in your home. This is a space where everything matters: the arrangement, the harmony between elements, colors and surfaces, or the very feeling you get when you step inside and start your daily errands. We have collected a handful of influential, timeless trends for 2019 that you can browse through and from which you can select the solution most suited for your personality, giving you the power to design your next kitchen with style!

Clear lines, concealed storage

When creating the perfect kitchen one of the most critical challenges is the ergonomic arrangement, specifically the issue of storage. Let it be a small, medium or grandiose kitchen, at one point almost everyone has asked the age-old question: “Well, where am I supposed to put this?”. Luckily, the Kitchen Exhibition will showcase countless of exciting and practical solutions that can help you store your favorite tools, appliances and accessories - but until then, we can safely say that clear lines and concealed storages will be big hits in 2019. With their help you can unobtrusively maximize the useful space in your kitchen, while also taking pleasure in the elegant, uninterrupted surfaces.

Natural materials

In the last few years natural materials have been slowly reclaiming their spot in urban homes. Thanks to the constantly growing consumer awareness, natural materials and their related industrial and technological solutions are becoming increasingly popular - with their help you’re not only creating a more sustainable living space, but an overall more harmonious one. You can browse through entire arsenals of real wooden surfaces, beautiful, natural stones and composites that exude a unique, stylish and calming atmosphere, while staying your faithful companions for a long time due to their outstanding quality and durability.

Digital technologies, smart kitchens

Technological advances gave life to countless exciting kitchen appliances and solutions that make your everyday life easier while simultaneously opening up an entirely new world, full of possibilities. Now there are processes and tools available that can make you the master chef of your very own kitchen: the juicy sous vide, the slowly dry-aged beef, the perfect homemade bread, or the healthy, crunchy, vitamin-rich vegetables are all at the tip of your fingers. In your smart kitchen you are the conductor who instructs the fridge, oven and coffee maker, making your daily routine simpler than ever. 

Matt black

Black is the new black! Whether it’s a black finish or an entire set of furniture or kitchen cabinets, black is back to rule our kitchens this year. The color brings a mystical depth and an elegant, timeless, truly unique character to your kitchen - and if you combine it with a matt coating, the surface will be both incredible to touch and incredibly easy to clean. Don’t let the size of your kitchen stop you, either! Contrary to popular belief that black optically shrinks the space, if you use the correct colors (selected with the help of a professional), or pair it with natural materials (e.g., wood), lights and carefully chosen contrasts, you can soften the effect and make your space cozy and inviting.

Trends come and go, but one thing is certain: the kitchen will always be the heart of your home. It’s the room where important and beautiful moments take place, whether you’re alone, with a partner or a group of friends. This is why it’s so crucial that everything is as you imagined: comfortable, practical and cozy. And this is why we have been collecting the best kitchen brands and solutions for our annual Kitchen Exhibition, year after year: to give you the opportunity to find your dream kitchen. Come to Budapest Aréna between 1-3 March this year and breathe in the inspiration!

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