BACK Say goodbye to subway tiles: the latest trends await at Kitchen Show 2020

Say goodbye to subway tiles: the latest trends await at Kitchen Show 2020

2020. 02. 24
Say goodbye to subway tiles: the latest trends await at Kitchen Show 2020

Trends come and go, but the perfect kitchen is something entirely dependent on your personal taste. Some people go for the boldest color choices of 2020, others put a single-colored twist on their all-white kitchen. Still, we’re all looking forward to the latest innovations and exciting ideas of manufacturers, brands and designers. We talked to experts of the 11th Kitchen Show about the latest trends that will show the path for kitchen design in 2020. Interior designers, decorators and bloggers will share their tips and advice on the most contemporary and popular design choices for one of the most important areas in your home. And make sure to visit the exhibition between February 28 and March 1, 2020 for modern design ideas, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, kitchen design consultancies, the best tips and tricks of experts and unforgettable cooking moments! Let’s meet at the Budapest Arena!

Anita Csorba interior designer - Inspirációk Magazin

Much like in previous years, experts at Pantone have once again chosen the Color of the Year for 2020. The elegant Classic Blue will be a popular choice for kitchens, whether on furniture, tiles or accessories - explains Anita Csorba. “Of course, when it comes to kitchens, blue isn’t the only option: the time of vivid kitchen tiles have come, transforming even the simplest of kitchens. And even if you’re not entirely comfortable with bold design choices, you can go for a more subtle approach and uplift your monochrome kitchen with a few spots of bright colors.”

Don’t worry: according to Anita, even in the year of colorful kitchens you cannot go wrong with a classic and elegant, all-white kitchen design. And speaking of the most fashionable trend in kitchen decoration and interior design: natural wood kitchens are having their renaissance. “Another exciting development is that in 2020, interior designers will create a much more practical and ergonomic kitchen layout: double kitchen islands are growing in popularity for their increased practicality and easy accessibility.”

Klaudia Venczel - Saját Otthon Projekt

“The so-called japandi style had the greatest impact on me in recent years. Wherever we are in the world, its popularity is getting more and more obvious, as it serves the purpose of creating a visually pleasing, timeless kitchen where cooking is less chore and more fun.” - explains Klaudia Venczel.

Japandi fuses the minimalist linework of Japanese design and the comforting character of Scandinavian interiors - according to Klaudia, writer at Saját Otthon Projekt blog. Japandi is a perfect starting point for those looking for a modern yet cozy kitchen, as both aforementioned design schools put an emphasis on practicality, and they both utilize natural materials.

“Most japandi kitchens start from a darker color scheme, with real contrast introduced by the mixture of brighter and darker wood. Handcrafted ceramics are the perfect accessories for this interior, with an extra layer of natural atmosphere introduced by plants and even herbs.”

Rita Szabó - Lakberendeződ

“Regardless of what year it is, I am always looking for timelessness in kitchen design, as the space itself is meant to last for a long period in our lives. While exploring the latest trends and the most exciting, modern kitchen ideas, it’s better if we try to think ahead and go for design solutions that will stand the test of time” - says Rita Szabó interior decorator.

Nevertheless, natural materials such as stone, wood and marble will rule kitchen design trends in 2020, especially in combination with metal or steel surfaces - explains Rita, blogger at Otthonod mentora. Furniture pieces of darker shades remain popular - these can also be paired with wooden surfaces. You can also expect an emergence of stone and glass combinations. “Even though subway tile was very popular in recent years, it became a bit too popular, and, thus, too mainstream, so interior designers are saying goodbye to this specific design solution. But don’t worry, because countless other alternatives are available.”

Aletta Hujber-Nagy - HNA Design

Environmentally friendly design elements, recycled materials, natural surfaces, handcrafted tiles, bricks and furniture: the kitchen of 2020 will surely side with sustainability - according to Aletta Hujber-Nagy interior designer. Furthermore, she explains that an environmentally aware style at home can be further emphasized with shades of green and dark, which, in turn, can be rather spectacular when combined with fashionable gold.

“Metallic colors and shades are as popular in 2020 as ever, including as red and yellow copper, and brushed nickel. Fortunately, gold-colored taps can feel complete with the addition of a gold-colored sink. For countertops and backsplashes, we recommend an extremely fashionable veined marble texture, creating perfect harmony with wood and concrete.

The fifth floor of the interior, the ceiling itself will receive some much-needed attention as well. Cover it with wood, paint it with a vivid color or simply introduce a few wooden beams for a spectacular effect. Cabinet doors and fronts can be coated in leather or yellow copper - with the latter also being a great choice for backsplashes, kitchen hoods as well - explains Aletta. Another interesting development in kitchen trends is how kitchens are slowly regaining their original “sole function” as a center for cooking and food-related work - as opposed to the open-concept social areas so popular in recent years. Smart appliances and beautiful LED lights are also becoming more and more inevitable in kitchens of 2020.

Gábor Harsányi - Editor-in-chief at

Contemporary kitchen design ideas and material choices have to be in harmony with elegant aesthetics, as well as durable and practical construction and materials - according to Gábor Harsányi, while also addressing how dark, raw and matte surfaces will be a big part of kitchen trends of 2020.

“These surfaces evoke a sort of dramatic elegance, further enhanced by recessed lights and spotlights. Darker shades can be nicely combined with colors of coffee and wood, grey and beige, resulting in a fashionable yet cozy and inviting kitchen. Dark blue has been a very popular choice in recent years: it is a beautiful color in itself, but its effects on reducing stress and calming your appetite are also worth mentioning. Dark blue can be beautifully combined with a number of colors, especially grey.”

Gábor mentions stone and marble surfaces as one of the highlights of this year’s most popular materials. Still, he prefers the use of subtle and elegant patterns in a monochrome kitchen design.

Riedl Annamária – Founder and editor-in-chief at Stile di vita

“It’s a common misconception that white is a boring color. When it comes to interior decoration, white is the safest bet amongst all, as it can serve as a timeless, reliable basis that can be easily personalized later on” - explains Annamária Riedl, writer at Stile di vita.

She recommends the introduction of colorful elements into the kitchen. Think of your kitchen as an Italian designer would with the use of dominant, vivid colors, such as shades of red, yellow and orange. All three of these colors will evoke an unmistakable Mediterranean atmosphere in your home, and you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Annamária says that a colorful kitchen island is a great opportunity for those who would love to put a spectacular twist on their all-white kitchen. This powerful element of your kitchen design will, with the right color choice, bring a true identity to the interior.

Choose your favorite!

Witness the latest kitchen design trends in person between February 28 and March 1, 2020 at the 11th Kitchen Show. Explore a plethora of never-before-seen design ideas, solutions, products and innovations! Discover the best Hungarian kitchen design brands and manufacturers, try the most modern small and large home appliances yourself, immerse yourself in the latest trends and talk to professionals about your plans to create or re-create your dream kitchen. Whether you’re about to revamp your home, or you simply love kitchens, don’t miss out on the exhibition! Come and find the perfect kitchen for you at the Budapest Arena!

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