BACK The thousand faces of polymer: REHAU kitchen solutions

The thousand faces of polymer: REHAU kitchen solutions

2022. 03. 15
The thousand faces of polymer: REHAU kitchen solutions

When you’re designing your new home or in the early stages of a major kitchen renovation project, you’re looking for solutions that will give you long-term satisfaction. While you can easily replace a poorly chosen scented candle or decorative cushion, when it comes to kitchen furniture, surfaces and built-in solutions, you need to navigate the sea of available solutions more carefully. With Kitchen Show, we help you do just that: to explore the best kitchen brands, innovations and solutions in one place, at one time, with expert help. However, to get the most out of your visit, it’s worth preparing in advance for the diverse range on offer. In the following article, you can get a taste of the products and innovations from one of our new exhibiting partners, the renowned REHAU.

A brief introduction

REHAU, with its German background, is known worldwide as a leading premium brand of polymer-based products. Today, the multinational company is still a responsible family business and its activities can be divided into three strategic business areas: automotive, construction and other industrial applications. In the construction industry, it provides high-quality solutions with the essence of German precision, primarily in the fields of window and curtain wall technology, in-building heating solutions, water treatment and geothermal energy, and in the production and distribution of modern furniture materials.

At this year’s Kitchen Show, you can discover two innovative product groups from REHAU. The brand’s stylish and clever faucet revolutionizes healthy and economical water consumption in the home, while the RAUVISIO worktop and blockboard collection, developed for the design and manufacture of exclusive modern furniture, allows you to create the perfect dream kitchen in matt, gloss, solid color, wood or stone patterns.

RE.SOURCE water dispenser

RE.SOURCE is not just a tap. The smart water dispenser converts drinking water into filtered or chilled, boiling or sparkling water at the touch of a button, directly from the tap. With a smart and innovative display, it’s easy to control, so you can enjoy an unlimited variety of water with just a few taps, without having to buy - and store - extra equipment like a kettle or soda machine.

RAUVISIO mineral acrylic worktops

RAUVISIO mineral/Hanex Solid Surfaces is a solid, fully-coloured surface material with a stone-like appearance, warm, pleasant feel and outstanding technical properties. The versatile mineral base material can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, public areas, restaurants and hotels, laboratories and medical areas. In addition to its use as a furniture surface, its resistance makes it suitable for kitchen sinks, washbasins, shower trays and even bathtubs.

RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate furniture panels

Glass adds an elegant and luxurious ambience to a space, while its unique play of light brings the surface to life with varied accents. RAUVISIO crystal smart glass offers the same beautiful look as real glass, but with benefits that surpass it: it is scratch-resistant, more shatter-resistant and much lighter than real glass. In addition, it is extremely malleable, so it can be cut to size using standard woodworking tools without the risk of breakage or scrap. RAUVISIO crystal can also be used to create flawless etchings, inlays and unique backlighting constructions.

RAUVISIO noir matt furniture panels and RAUVOLET noble matt roller blinds

RAUVISIO noir embodies the metropolitan lifestyle with a combination of elegance and craftsmanship. A silky matt protective layer brings the surfaces to life, creating the perfect balance between design and function.

RAUVISIO noir with its solid HPL surface is versatile with a noble protective layer and velvety soft surface, ideal for horizontal use in areas subject to high mechanical stress, such as kitchen worktops or shop counters. RAUVOLET combines a noble design with thoughtful storage space, and blends seamlessly with fronts and worktops.

Discover REHAU’s revolutionary water dispenser and special surfaces at the Kitchen Show from 22-24 April at the Budapest Arena! In the meantime, join us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll be updating you with fresh content and useful tips from the world of kitchens in the run-up to the event!

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