BACK Lacanche: premium handcrafted French ranges

Lacanche: premium handcrafted French ranges

2022. 02. 18
Lacanche: premium handcrafted French ranges

Our partner, Wood World Design will introduce a very special French curiosity at this year’ Kitchen Show. Named after a small French village, Lacanche creates premium ovens and stoves that shall turn your kitchen into a professional environment for your culinary adventures. The factory and brand, which has a history stretching back hundreds of years, is steeped in French wine and gastronomy, which is part of its unmistakable character.

Lacanche ranges are created for those who celebrate the art of "slow living", unparalleled craftsmanship and who want to give themselves and their loved ones unforgettable moments as masters of their kitchens. Today, there are a range of reliable, high-performance ranges to choose from. Most are either designed for convenience and ease of use, or to achieve high heat with an austere, industrial look. Lacanche, on the other hand, offers a blend of affordable luxury, artisanal tradition, heirloom-quality construction and high performance in a humanistic design and construction.

With the brand’s customizable, individual cookers, you no longer have to compromise on aesthetics and high performance. With individually configurable models ranging from the smallest to the grandest 4-door versions, you can choose the perfect style, color, height, burner configuration and accessories.

Gas, electric or fan-convection? As you please!

If your range features two ovens, you have several options: all-gas or all-electric, 1 gas and 1 electric, or 1 gas and 1 electric convection (the latter, however, is not an option on all models). Gas ovens provide a vigorous moist heat, more concentrated initially at the oven base. Hot, naturally convected air then flows up the sides, converges at the top and circulates back down through the cavity center, providing even browning. As moist heat tends to blend flavors and lock in natural juices, the gas ovens are especially prized for exceptional roasting results. As the gas oven loses only 6% humidity within the oven walls, meats, breads and baked potatoes will also tend to be more flavorful and moist. Electric Ovens offer the possibility of lower temperature and a variety of cooking modes controlled by adjusting the top and bottom elements. The electric oven provides a dry heat and is ideally suitable for baking and broiling. Crusts tend to be crispier when pizza is baked in the electric oven, for example. In larger ovens, it is also possible to switch to fan-convection mode.

Customizable cooktops

The range tops can be configured as Classique or Traditional. The former has a high-powered open flame burner in the center to deliver intense heat on demand, while the Traditional top has a cast iron plate designed for even heat distribution. Depending on the size of the model, the central element can be complemented by additional burners, a cooking plate, a grill grid, induction rings, and a multi-cooker that can be used as a steam cooker, a waterbath for cooking pasta or boiling vegetables, or as a bain-marie.

Classic or modern style

Surpassing time or trend, the Lacanche Classique Collection pays homage to the past and looks to the future. With a more traditional and ornate look, the Classique range offers understated beauty in a timeless, glamorous finish. Blending French tradition with contemporary charm, the Lacanche Moderne collection combines artistry and elegance in one sophisticated range. The Moderne style is elegant and chic, while remaining true to the basic design of the culinary icon.

Extremely rich color palette and uniques shades

Kiln-fired porcelain enamel gives Lacanche ovens an extremely durable and easy-to-clean coating that will preserve their glam for generations with minimal care. In addition to almost 30 basic colors - such as black, burgundy, rose quartz, olive, coral blue or terracotta - you can order your desired model with individual shades.

Lacanche’s products are not designed for beginners, but those who are willing to invest time, effort and money in perfecting their cooking skills and are looking for a reliable partner will not be disappointed. Start designing the oven of your dreams at the Kitchen Show, between 22-24, April at the Budapest Arena! Until then, stay tuned and join us on Facebook and Instagram!

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