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Academy Award winner coffee

2021. 11. 19
Academy Award winner coffee

Italian De’Longhi is the iconic face of quality coffee and professional coffee brewing. Since its foundation in 1974, the brand contributed greatly to many industry segments, from electric heaters to humidifiers, but today the name De’Longhi is synonymous with home coffee making and the revolution of automatic coffee machines. In the past four decades, De’Longhi has learned to listen to its clientéle and translate their needs to the language of functionality and quality design, and this year they are doubling down on shrewd business decisions with the introduction of a truly extraordinary brand ambassador. To find out who this mysterious ambassador is, and why they were chosen to represent De’Longhi, read on!

More than a hundred years have passed since members of the De’Longhi family have established their first workshop in the Italian city of Treviso, and the brand bearing their name has worked hard since 1974 to fulfill its motto: making everyday moments special. Although, when hearing the name De’Longhi, most people think of the unmistakable fragrance and creamy texture of coffee, the manufacturer has proved its worth with the provision of ingenious solutions for a number of processes at home. One of these is the De’Longhi classic, the Pinguino mobile air conditioner, but revolutionary small appliances also make up a significant part of the brand’s past and present.

But the theme that connects all De’Longhi products is the ultimate fusion of functionality and modern design which, in turn, helped introduce outstanding Italian design in the homes of many clients and customers. Elegant shapes and that peculiar shine of metal work together to bring products to life that will surely become the center of attention in any interior. This includes the much revered De’Longhi coffee machines, essential to the brand’s identity and the crown jewels of modern kitchens.

The diverse range of De’Longhi coffee machines might be different on a technical level, but are driven by a common vision. This vision is set in stone by the manufacturer and is ensured to define the production of all machines: the passion for a customizable, authentic coffee experience. Whether it’s the easy-to-use automatic Magnifica, PrimaDonna and Maestosa products, or De’Longhi’s manual coffee makers of an outstanding Italian style, the brand has compiled and utilized decades of expertise in the field of coffee making in order for you to find the one machine that is perfect for you. This is the De’Longhi quality, which is the focus of the brand’s international marketing campaign in 2021, and which features the brand new ambassador of De’Longhi, bringing real star power to the table: Brad Pitt.

“De’Longhi’s business has seen an outstanding growth in the past few years, which is in great part thanks to the popularity of our automatic coffee machines” - says Massimo Caravaglia, CEO of De’Longhi. “We’re convinced that Brad Pitt is the perfect brand ambassador. His representation of our brand on a global scale is a genuine one. Our ambassador is also the embodiment of the De’Longhi spirit: he’s bold and international, yet sophisticated and elegant.”

The campaign film has that Hollywood quality to it, and by no mistake: besides the Academy Award-winning actor taking center stage, Acadamy Award-winner filmmakers of La La Land have also worked on the project, including cinematographer Linus Sandgren, composer Justin Hurwitz and director Damien Chazelle. The film captures moments from one day in Brad’s life. Buying coffee beans in the morning. Riding a motorcycle on the streets of Los Angeles. A quick stop at the gas station. Scenes of his daily routine evoke a familiar feeling of longing for home. At the end of the day, we get home to enjoy a moment of peace with a cup of coffee or cappuccino in our hands.

The powerful imagery and message of the film is a true representation of the De’Longhi philosophy. It is a brand with a history that yearns for harmony and elegance in a true Italian fashion. It embodies, then surpasses stereotypes, and becomes accessible for everyone. Brad Pitt has the power to reach anyone who shares his passion for arts, good design and environmental consciousness. The brand ambassador is iconic and authentic. Just like De’Longhi.

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