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New kitchen at half price

2022. 01. 18
New kitchen at half price

Renovation is an exciting but challenging endeavor with unforeseeable obstacles. In recent years, there have been countless cost reduction opportunities opening for those starting a family or raising children, so it might be useful to have a reliable partner to turn to with all your questions. In our article below, our guest writer Dávid Szalai, an expert at SELL Magazine, will help you find your way around the home improvement support program.

There are basically two reasons why people buy kitchen appliances. One is when the old one is broken and it seems more practical to buy a new refrigerator, dishwasher or oven than to repair it. The other is when they remodel or design a completely new kitchen. Either way, it is not a negligible expense, and in the latter case we can talk about a very significant investment, since in addition to the machines, the costs of kitchen furniture, mechanical work and other additional expenses are also incurred. So the question of cutting costs can be a crucial factor in deciding whether to start the renovation or not. Luckily, it is possible.

Exorbitant prices

Over the past year, prices have risen abruptly. Thus, construction costs and material prices, as well as the prices of household appliances became higher. In addition to inflation and adverse exchange rates, limited availability of materials, chip shortages, rising fuel prices and logistics costs also contributed to increased price levels. This trend is not expected to turn around by the end of the year, moreover, the rise is expected to continue in 2022. However, anyone considering a kitchen renovation may still want to get involved this year.

Home renovation support in 2022

The home renovation support for families raising children announced in 2021 can be claimed for, among other things, kitchen renovation. The incentive launched last year is still available this year, and can reduce the cost of a family’s investment by up to 50 percent. The support is available for renovation work started in 2021 and 2022 and detailed in the Regulation on Home Renovation Support for Families Raising a Child. The aid also covers manual labor and material costs, the installation or replacement of built-in furniture or kitchen appliances, but it is not applicable to free-standing device purchases. In other words, not only half of the renovation costs can be saved, but those who meet the conditions can also get half the price of the installed machines back. The application for support shall take place in 60 days after the fulfilment of the last invoice connected to the renovation, but not later than 31 December 2022.

Free, half price, or better

The evaluation of the program can be subjective. Depending on the amount claimed and the actual amount of costs, it is fair to say that only the wage has to be paid, the materials were free or vice versa. Or you pay half the price for the renovation, but you can also consider getting better quality without extra expenses. One way or the other, the support definitely expands one’s possibilities. This is one of the reasons the Kitchen Show is worth visiting this year. Find inspiration, ideas and solutions at Hungary’s only kitchen-themed event between April 22-24, 2022!

* The complete, detailed conditions, list of eligible construction activities and other provisions related to the support are contained in government decree No. 518/2020 (XI.25) on support for the renovation of homes for families raising children, published in Magyar Közlöny No. 259, 2020.

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