BACK Newly arrived: Old Line kitchens in Hungary

Newly arrived: Old Line kitchens in Hungary

2021. 11. 19
Newly arrived: Old Line kitchens in Hungary

Whether it’s design trends, tips for the kitchen, the smartest of appliances and the latest and most exciting product releases, we got you covered! All these and some more will be taken to the grounds of the Budapest Arena between February 25-27, 2022, but we are determined to bring you the latest news and information from the world of kitchen design until then. We are happy to announce that another prestigious name has joined the ranks of the greatest kitchen designers available in Hungary: thanks to Indagroup, you won’t need to travel abroad to fully experience the outstanding kitchen concepts of Old Line. The brand debuted in Hungary at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST with its Glamour collection, and the occasion prompted Nicoletta Fedrige, owner of Old Line and the daughter of the brand’s founder, to answer some of our questions. Read on to find out more!

Old Line kitchens are built on the brand’s love and knowledge of wood. What was the main inspiration behind the creation of Old Line 44 years ago?

The founders of our brand were people with an extensive background in woodwork and were masters of cabinet making. Not only that, but wood was always at the heart of their profession. They believed - and Old Line still believes - that working with wood is being in a symbiosis with our environment. Wood is a natural, warm and tactile material that resonates with people on a deep level. Our founders decided to utilize all their expertise and knowledge of wood and make it into the brand that we know as Old Line today.

What are the best types of wood for your cabinets? What are some of the notable differences between these wood varieties?

We use several types of wood when creating our collections. For most of our furniture collections we use oak, the so-called “Noce Canaletto” walnut and linden. Oak is a very sturdy and durable species of wood with real character, and we use it for a wide range of products from the Modern through the Classic collections.

Walnut Noce Canaletto is a prestigious wood: very elegant and gives every piece of furniture a unique aesthetic. Linden is a lighter species of wood with closed pores that make it ideal for lacquered finishes.

How do environmental initiatives and sustainability come into play at Old Line?

We buy wood from our circle of trusted suppliers that have been granted the FSC Italia certificate. What this certification means is that, by working with them, we have a clear idea of where our wood comes from, and that it comes from a responsible source. It is essential for Old Line to make sure that the base material of our outstanding products comes from responsibly managed forests that contribute to the preservation of forest ecosystems, rather than completely depleting them.

Moreover, we are working hard to avoid unnecessary waste of this noble material: thanks to one of our initiatives we started to re-use residual wood for the heating system of our factory in the colder seasons. We also aim to work with local suppliers in order to reduce the environmental stress caused by transportation of our materials.

You have collections that range from classical through modern and contemporary products. Which style proves to be more popular these days?

Because we operate in a number of countries across the globe, we see the trends in many different markets and how they differ from each other. In some areas, customers prefer this collection over that, and in another area it is the other way around. One thing that makes our portfolio unique is that all the models can be perfectly combined with each other with no regard for the collection they originate from. We see many cases where Classic products are mixed with Contemporary or Modern models. One of the more obvious trends, though, is the rising popularity of our latest collection, Glamour.

Hungarian audiences will get to see the Glamour collection in the showroom of Indagroup, Old Line’s Hungarian distributors. Can you tell us a bit more about the collection?

This is a collection we are all proud of: it was designed to change the face of contemporary kitchen design. The unmistakable appearance of the Canetè doors and stunning brass elements result in an elegant aesthetic that is neither classical, nor modern: it can only be described as glamorous!

A number of our most outstanding products will also be introduced in Hungary, such as a solid wood kitchen with an abundance of hand-crafted details, complete with state-of-the-art sliding doors, as well as our Puzzle doors with fronts that were put together piece by piece, just like a real jigsaw puzzle.

See these fantastic innovations of Old Line in person in the Indagroup showroom located in the Max City interior decoration store close to the city of Törökbálint. And if you are interested to find out more about the latest news of kitchen design, stay with us at our blog, follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages and subscribe to our newsletter to stay fully up-to-date until Kitchen Show kicks off!

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