BACK The luxury kitchens of Gamadecor

The luxury kitchens of Gamadecor

2021. 11. 19
The luxury kitchens of Gamadecor

Porcelanosa Group is one of the biggest names in premium flooring solutions, but their portfolio and diverse product range includes almost all spaces and aspects of the modern home. One of the crown jewels of the Porcelanosa brand selection is Gamadecor, offering outstanding kitchen and bathroom products, versatile wardrobes and accessories to design enthusiasts, with kitchens staying their number one priority ever since the brand’s foundation more than 30 years ago. Palatinus, Gamadecor’s Hungarian representatives, will bring the perfect encapsulation of functional design and excellent style to your home - and to this year’s Kitchen Show in 2022. Read our article about Gamadecor for your daily dose of inspiration!

Agile environment

Well-meaning design tricks can always contribute to an elevated quality of life in the kitchen, no matter the size of the interior. An ergonomic kitchen furniture, an optimized shelf system or a flexible, modular kitchen unit can result in a truly new way of life at home that, once introduced, will stay with you and your family for a long time. Gamadecor is familiar with this moment of revelation, and is determined to design kitchens that can transform lives, be it an adjustable countertop or a concealable, open kitchen cabinet.

Storage solutions, shelves, compartments, condiment racks, cutlery and dish boxes and drawers come built in the kitchen furniture with a unified design, including the interior lighting system of the cabinets - tailor-made for your own, personal needs.

Now you see me, now you don’t

With Gamadecor, you can introduce some truly exclusive and almost magical solutions in organizing your kitchen space. One example is the concealed kitchen: as part of your American-style kitchen design, your furniture can be easily hidden behind the sliding wall, leaving a fully furnished living room in its place. But with a well-placed slide door you can take any element of your kitchen and make it invisible, whether it’s your condiment container above the sink or your cutlery on the wall. Storage units can be recessed in the kitchen island, and you can even expand your workspace with the installation of sliding countertop solutions.

Precision and durability

Gamadecor kitchens feature some of the most exquisite qualities. Unit edges are closed off by a laser technology, resulting in perfect fitting, a protection against unwanted spilling, damage and high temperatures. These furniture can resist water for up to 8 hours, meaning that they can withstand water damage resulting from leaks as well. Not only that, but the majority of products are resistant to scratch, impact, heat, chemicals and fingerprints, making them virtually unbreakable in your home.

Immaculate style

In the kitchens of Gamadecor, quality and innovation are fused with the uncompromising vision of contemporary designers in both the form and the varying available surfaces of the units, including glossy, matte, oak and walnut finishes. The natural patterns of these surfaces are handled with great care throughout the production process. Veins of wood move unbroken along the surfaces of the different compartments, bringing utmost harmony into the central interior of your home.

Tailor-made design

By choosing Gamadecor, you are entitled to the manufacturer’s outstanding services for customers. Designated designers help you with the configuration of the unique, custom-made kitchens in order to find the perfect size and arrangement for your kitchen. Your brand new kitchen furniture will be made up of premium quality, resistant panels and a wide range of surface, handle, accessory and storage options, ensuring that you will find all the solutions for your individual needs.

Visit the Kitchen Show between February 25-27, 2022 and design your kitchen with the help of professionals and the most influential kitchen brands!

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