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Transform your kitchen!

2019. 02. 23
Transform your kitchen!

Dark, matte shades, metal accessories, open shelves and smart appliances – each year we look forward to innovations of designers and manufacturers. With the help of five experts, we present the newest kitchen trends of 2019. You can check the latest product releases and design solutions in person at the Budapest Arena on March 1-3. Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Kitchen Show and receive professional advice on your kitchen plans, and explore the endless range of kitchen and dining furniture, accessories and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances!

Bori Bacsó - Lakáskultúra

„This year, kitchens will become more peaceful than ever: kitchens will be places of relaxation and rejuvenation after a hard day’s work,” – this is how Bori Bacsó, expert at Lakáskultúra sees 2019 kitchen trends. Glossy white will be replaced by dark, matte shades; the ever so popular grey kitchen furniture will turn deep blue, green or black. It will become fashionable for furniture to be dominated by two distinct colors: dark colors for lower cabinets, light shades for the fronts above.

„Kitchen space will become deeply personal. Flooring will bear a strong character, shelves will be populated by personal pictures and memories, souvenirs from holidays abroad. Prepare for hand-made copper bowls and striking chair design ideas.”

When it comes to designing the backsplash, people will go for a raw effect: hand-made ceramic tiles or stone will become fashionable choices. Worktops, countertops will be imitating stone, rusty metal or concrete to give these modern kitchens an industrial twist – according to the expert.

Sinks are in for a make-over this year: newcomer materials copper and marble will create perfect unity with dark kitchen furniture. 2019 will also be a renaissance for metals: along with all-time favorite rose gold, don’t afraid to go for matte black, tin, copper and chrome. And don’t forget all those smart appliances: Wi-Fi-enabled microwave oven, hand-wave light switches, integrated induction hobs and smart refrigerators will truly light up your work area.

Gábor Harsányi - Lakberinfo

Matte furniture panels, metal sinks, metal framed glass cabinets, chairs with lively colors around kitchen islands and hanging lamps – these are the hottest kitchen trends for 2019 according to Gábor Harsányi, editor-in-chief at Lakberinfo.

„Eclectic interior design will make its mark on kitchens this year. Modern will be mixed with classical: your vintage kitchen will have a luxurious atmosphere thanks to the abundance of high-tech, smart kitchen appliances.”

In the ever-changing world of door handles, 2019 will be the year of leather, while we can’t forget about wooden handles as well, especially with the heavier doors of larger furniture – says the expert.

Tamás Bata, interior design photographer

Even though the kitchen is an integral part of every home, there’s no universal solution for the perfect kitchen design: more than that, today’s kitchen designs are distancing themselves from clichés and it’s becoming clear that the kitchen is more than just another work space in your home – says photographer Tamás Bata. In his work he sees thousands of interior design solutions, and he can clearly see the decline of closed cabinets: open kitchen furniture is here to take the throne with metallic solutions replacing wooden drawers. And colors are all over the place: lively shades, the contrast of two different colors – all this is bringing real spirit into your kitchen. For those reluctant to dive head first into the wild world of modern trends, Tamás recommends taking a look at the combination of metal and black.

„I can assure everyone that maintaining black surfaces takes up the same amount of time as with any other color.”

Balázs Pécsi - Gentlemansreview

Kitchens are already the center of social interactions in our homes: why shouldn’t they look like any normal room? – asks Balázs Pécsi, editor and stylist at

„Don’t be afraid of striking colors, materials and textures: in 2019, kitchens are there to impress and amaze us.”

Don’t hide the oven, the fridge, the dishwasher or the washing machine: modern designers like to emphasize these machines and their places in the kitchen with the most striking and amazing, futuristic design choices – according to Balázs Pécsi. The same goes for small kitchen appliances as well – most of these machines come with a number of different designs, from steampunk to retro.

Anita Csorba, space planner

According to Anita Csorba, color trends in 2019 will serve lively and fashionable kitchens: along with black, the more popular color choices will be blue, light pink, the so-called „hunting grey” and Pantone’s „living coral”. These shades and colors will be present in your kitchen from top to bottom: from chairs to drawers, from cabinets to countertops.

Built-in cabinets are recommended for those avoiding open cabinets. And if you really want to hide kitchen equipment, you should take a look at how latest design solutions can make even kitchen hoods invisible! On the other hand, tiles will be shown off in the most modern kitchens – no hiding required here. Whatever your choices are – says the expert -, always try to be unique!

So what is your favorite design?

You can explore the latest trends on March 1-3. at the 10th Kitchen Show. Meet designers and their work, meet manufacturers and their wide range of innovative products! Kitchen and dining furniture, small and major appliances, tools and equipment – it’s all going to be there at Budapest Arena. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for building and planning works, or you’re a simple kitchen enthusiast, Kitchen Show will not let you down. Come to the Arena and be inspired!


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