BACK Infinite design carved in stone: Multistone

Infinite design carved in stone: Multistone

2022. 04. 10
Infinite design carved in stone: Multistone

Enduring creation - this is the motto that started the story of the small family business specializing in stonemasonry known today as Multistone Center 30 years ago. They focus on the production of technical stone kitchen counters, sinks, taps and large flat tiles, but over the years the solutions offered by the brand have become closely intertwined with the concept of interior design, thanks to their constant technological innovation and creative approach. At this year’s Kitchen Show, you can take a closer look at an immaculate and durable material and the world of premium sinks. Find out what makes Multistone special and what you need to know about the innovative products of their selected brands that will be on display at the event in our article below!

The 1810 Company

In today’s world of high-tech, smart appliances, the kitchen sink doesn’t always get enough spotlight when designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one. Our attention is often distracted by the perfect multi-functional cooker, quiet, energy-efficient fridges and bespoke small appliances, but in a well thought-out and carefully designed interior, a first-class sink basin also plays a key role, considering the countless occasions we use it every day. Thanks to The 1810 Company’s premium quality sinks and matching modern taps, you no longer have to compromise on this.

The 1810 Company’s elegant and stylish sinks and basins can be a timeless jewel in your home. With their diverse collections and unique combinations of elements, the brand is also a great choice for those looking for a sink with unique design for individual projects.

Made of an alloy of iron, chrome and nickel, available in colors of stainless steel, copper, gunmetal gray and gold, metal sinks are very popular - and no wonder. They are lightweight, cheap and durable. They blend well with any environment and can be combined with stone, ceramic, quartz or granite countertops.

Traditional style enthusiasts shall also find stunningly glossy English ceramic sinks in the product range. But if you want something more special than ceramic or stainless steel, the increasingly popular granite sinks can add a new character to your home. Made from 86% decomposed granite and 14% acrylic, these sinks are extremely durable to withstand the challenges of everyday kitchen use: they are non-porous, heat, stain, scratch and impact resistant.


Silestone is a 94% natural quartz surface that is extremely hard and resistant. Thanks to the eye-catching colors, materials and unrivaled quality of quartz, it can be used to decorate any part of the home, but its special properties can be best exploited in the design of kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces. Its unique homogeneity and the non-porosity of its quartz and resin mixture guarantee maximum hygiene, and its flexibility allows it to be used not only for even surfaces but also for more complex structures.

Silestone’s scratch-free, antibacterial surface is extremely easy to clean, but it is important to note that hypo and its derivatives, as well as abrasive sponges, should not be used to clean these counters, as hypo can still etch after 12 hours and abrasive sponges can cause damage! If you follow this basic rule, you can enjoy the same quality of appearance for many years to come.

Holding the country’s largest stock of technical stones, the European-standard stone carving workshop of Multistone is occasionally open for visitors, but you’ll be sure to find their selection at the Kitchen Show at the Budapest Arena between 22-24 April. Get your discounted tickets here, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date content!

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