BACK The jewels of the kitchen: Small Details handles and doorknobs

The jewels of the kitchen: Small Details handles and doorknobs

2022. 04. 10
The jewels of the kitchen: Small Details handles and doorknobs

The devil is in the details - as the saying goes. And indeed: no matter how hard you try, how carefully you select your furniture, machines and appliances, if you don’t pay enough attention to the little things, your dream kitchen will never come to life. Once you have the concept of the interior, the perfect style and the furniture to match, you can call on Small Details’ solutions to put the cherry on top.

Small Details handles are not just functional elements, they become real ornaments on the furniture. Styles abound too, from clean Scandinavian shapes to playful baroque, so you’re sure to find the solution that suits your taste and your kitchen style. The products are usually custom-made, often by hand in artisanal conditions. As a consequence, order delivery times are longer (up to 4-5 weeks), but as you know: good things come for those who wait! And if your kitchen jewelry in mind from the start, this shall not be a problem, as you can easily coordinate your choices with the rest of the project.

Two years ago Zsófia Rákóczi and Tamás Oravecz started to work on this very important - yet often neglected - segment of tasteful and sophisticated interiors. Today, Small Details is the only company in Hungary that offers handles, doorknobs and other interior accessories from the leading European designers. In their webshop and showroom in Budapest you will find world famous brands such as Armac Martin, Formani, Turnstyle Designs, Pullcast and Henry Blake.

Armac Martin

Armac Martin believes that the smallest details can make a big difference. The company, a family business for 90 years, sticks to its heritage, with all its processes taking place in its factory in England. Highly skilled professionals personally oversee the processes right through to the final handcrafting of collections dreamed up by their in-house design team. Their products can be found in some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens and interiors.

Henry Blake

Henry Blake Hardware products are beautifully crafted works of art of timeless beauty from the heart of England. The brand’s high-end knobs and furniture handles evoke the spirit of the Art Deco era alongside classic British elegance. All of their products are made from 100% solid brass, with impeccable hand lacquered or raw finish.

Turnstyle Designs

Made in England is encoded in the DNA of Turnstyle Designs. From hand-stitched leather to special hammered finishes, they deliver stunning solutions for residential, commercial and yacht projects. Turnstyle pays attention to every little detail, from the exclusive look to the quality of the assembly - their philosophy is that the product should work as it looks.


PullCast, from Portugal, designs accessories that are eye-catching jewelry. Once you’ve seen the company’s masterpieces, you’re sure to remember their unique shapes forever. The handmade collections represent different styles, but all incorporate ancient techniques and craftsmanship. ​​Considering material use and function alongside design, their designers strive to create pieces that will last a lifetime.


​​Formani is a Dutch luxury brand specializing in door handles and furniture parts. Their approach focuses on design, combining aesthetics with functionality to create high quality products. They have been producing impressive pieces with Piet Boon and other renowned Dutch designers since 2009. Their collections offer complete solutions and unity in the coordination of door and window handles, knobs and bathroom accessories.

Find dazzling accessories for your kitchen at the Kitchen Show from 22-24 April at the Budapest Arena! You can get your discounted tickets today at this link, and our Facebook and Instagram pages will be packed with more premium kitchen brands and inspiring content in the lead up to the event. Stay tuned!

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