BACK Living without compromise: tailor-made hoods by Pando

Living without compromise: tailor-made hoods by Pando

2022. 01. 19
Living without compromise: tailor-made hoods by Pando

In a truly stylish and impeccable kitchen, you will find kitchen appliances that go beyond the basic requirements. Equipment that may seem like a convenience accessory at first, yet may soon become a necessity. An example of such a device is the hood, which, although not directly crucial for the preparation of meals and drinks, but may completely change the quality of time spent in the kitchen. Moreover, in an open or American-style kitchens and small apartments, a properly selected and placed extractor is a lifesaver. Whether recessed, concealed, restrained or spectacular, the R&D of the modern age grants you endless opportunities. You no longer have to compromise in this area - with its unique, customizable and custom-made hoods, Pando takes care of all your needs. In our article, we will walk you through the most common types of hoods through the brand’s wonderful product selection, which you can also find at the Kitchen Show this year, thanks to our new partner, Operis.


Thanks to their practical design and easy installation, this is the most common type of hood. In addition to the classic-shaped, typically steel-clad models, you can bring a unique color into your kitchen with solid rectangular, airy and sloped hoods or extractors covered with special materials such as copper or marble.


The group of integrated extractors is the most diverse on the list. In addition to the common ceiling hoods, there are smart, concealed solutions built in the counter or even in the hob, which save space and free you from unpleasant aromas and unnecessary steam during baking or cooking discreetly.


The airy and versatile island extractors float to help with everyday kitchen tasks. Due to their central position, they shall be complemented with a shelving system or exciting lighting solutions.


A hood can be more than a simple functional device. The latest models also feature decorative solutions that, thanks to their impactful appearance, not only do their job quietly, but even shine like gems in your kitchen. These statement pieces mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling attract attention with their extraordinary shape or premium finish.


After all, a hood is just one element of the system that constitutes your kitchen. So it is natural that you do not organize the kitchen around it, but pick one that fits perfectly into the core concept. Pando’s customizable, bespoke hoods help you with this, limited only by your imagination. You can request the hood you have always wanted in a unique size, colors, shape and covering.

Join us between April 22-24, 2022 at the Budapest Arena, where you will find everything you may need in your dream kitchen! In the meantime, join the Facebook event and follow us on Instagram, where we’ll keep you in the loop until the show!

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