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6+1 essential tools for the perfect kitchen

2019. 02. 11
6+1 essential tools for the perfect kitchen

Having the perfect tools in your kitchen is crucial. Your choice of equipment and devices greatly depend on your personality and lifestyle. Are you more into quick bites, or do you see yourself as a master chef in your dream kitchen? Do you bake, cook or stew? Is it modern or classical? Whatever the case, be fully prepared with our „must-have” list of 6+1 kitchen tools.

Stick blender

Do you like cream soup? Would you like to able to prepare your own dressing for your salad? Then you need a good stick blender in your kitchen. Also known as immersion blenders, these devices are portable, easy to clean, and comparably small in size. You can buy them in a full set, coming with a chopping compartment and a number of useful extras – we recommend you to look for the whipping attachment. It’s essential for the preparation of sauces, creams and other desserts!


A good grater is an essential part of any kitchen kit, whether you want to use it for cheese on pasta, or zesting lemon for a delicious duck meal. Microplane Magyarország stands out among its competitors as the leading manufacturer of quality graters, supplying professional chefs and restaurants with their signature line of graters. There a lot of varieties in form, size and multiple types of grating surfaces to choose from.

Coffee machine

Coffee has become an integral part of our lives: we drink it to kick start our day, as well as for simple pleasure. Professional coffee machines are making their way into homes, so you don’t have to visit your favorite café for a flat white anymore. A wide range of professional or semi-professional coffee machines are available with built-in milk steamers. Automated coffee machines are also breaking grounds in domestic coffee brewing. Meet the amazing products of De’Longhi, Jura and Cremesso at the Kitchen Show, where you can also work on your barista skills with help from professionals!


The big brother of stick blenders is also a „must-have” tool in your kitchen. With extra power a blender is much more capable of mashing high-fiber food than their handheld counterpart. Another bonus is that blenders don’t need your full attention: while your smoothie is getting ready in there, you can prepare some vegetable and fruit for your delicious breakfast!

The universal kitchen machine

The invention of the kitchen machine had a lasting effect of domestic culinary experiences. It makes your dough, it whips your cream, and thanks to its fixed operation speed it will be gentle to your food. We recommend buying a kitchen machine that comes with detachable mixing bowls and paddles, so that it’s easier to clean it. Meet two of the biggest names in kitchen machines at the Kitchen Show: KitchenAid, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and Kenwood, presenting its Cooking Chef product line at their stand.


Who wouldn’t like to have amazing toast with their breakfast? Products from SMEG and Ritter are elegantly designed following the latest trends, making sure that everyday kitchen appliances can be a part of a beautiful kitchen environment as well. With SMEG and Ritter, the perfect toast comes with a awe-inspiring visual experience!

+1 Pasta machine

Italian cuisine will always have a place in food lovers’ heart, as it’s combining simple, fresh ingredients with precision and a passion for food. And it couldn’t happen without fresh, homemade pasta. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s worth every second: as soon as you present your friends and family with fresh lasagne made with your own, homemade pasta, the result will speak for itself.

The real important thing is for you to feel great in your kitchen. If you think you are missing a machine or any kitchen appliance for the full cooking experience, visit the Kitchen Show to find something you were always waiting for!

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