BACK A great plan for a small kitchen  – Bring the most out of your kitchen!

A great plan for a small kitchen – Bring the most out of your kitchen!

2019. 02. 09
A great plan for a small kitchen  – Bring the most out of your kitchen!

As much as we are blown away by the sight of a grandiose kitchen, we really don’t think all kitchens have to rival the scope of a football pitch. Size isn’t everything when it comes to designing your kitchen. So if you a lovely little kitchen at home that you’d want to transform into an elegant working space, read on for a few tricks and tips!

What do we mean when we say ’small kitchen’?

According to the definition of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, kitchens with a size less than 70 square feet (roughly 6.5 square meters) can be called small kitchens, whereas anything about that is a large kitchen. It’s difficult to come up with an „average size” for kitchens, as this depends on a lot of social and cultural factors as well. But there’s one thing that holds true whatever the circumstances: small rooms, in general, are much easier to furnish and keep clean. Explore a few options below for your perfect little kitchen!

Backsplash wonder

It’s a simple yet impressive solution. A single, powerful color can give your kitchen that desired visual twist. In a previous post we’ve already mentioned how the matte black surface became a fashionable design choice, now we’d like to give you further advice on how to deal with this dark and mystical color. And the possibilities for the perfect kitchen backsplash don’t end here: see how marble, tile, natural or engineered stones fit your dream concept. Look for the stands of Taylor Design and Stone Concept at the Kitchen Show to get advice on a backsplash that suits you and your personality the best.


A touch of joy didn’t hurt anybody! Whatever you thought was just „too much” for a bigger kitchen, could be perfect for a kitchen of a smaller size. The combination of a light, natural base color and a more saturated, lively color choice could bring real energy and freshness into your kitchen. For color highlights, it’s enough if you follow your instincts: no kitchen design is worth a dime unless you feel great while working. Still, if you’re looking for inspiration, check out the color range of leading paint companies. Pantone, for example, has been announcing their „Color of the Year” since 2000 – this year’s color is „Living Coral”. It’s an intense, yet joyful color with real character that brings energy and softness to any room.

Efficient storage

The smaller your kitchen is, the more important it is to introduce efficient storage solutions. In a previous blog post we presented 4 tips for saving space in your kitchen. But to tell you the truth, it’s not enough to think about space-saving methods in hindsight: you should think of all your space needs while in the process of planning and designing your kitchen. Prioritize your tools, devices and other equipment: some things are in constant use while other things only see the light of day on special occasions. Optimize the size of appliances; choose a deeper sink, a dish dryer with a wall attachment, a narrower fridge, and try to build as much as you can in the kitchen furniture – starting with your microwave oven!

American-style kitchen

You’ve surely heard about the so-called American kitchen design, which can either be a conscious design choice, or the result of the simple case of space shortage. Either way, it’s the kitchen design with the most „social benefits”, as in an American kitchen you can be with your friends and family while preparing a big feast, or mixing some fancy cocktails for the evening. There are endless options for practicality: try placing a multifunctional kitchen island in the middle, which could work as a countertop or a table as well. In this case proper ventilation is a must-have, however, as well as installing appliances and devices that are quiet enough for social interactions, while also fitting the overall design of your living room.

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