BACK Bosch: Pioneer of the modern kitchen

Bosch: Pioneer of the modern kitchen

2020. 02. 19
Bosch: Pioneer of the modern kitchen

It’s fair to assume that you have at least one Bosch product in your home right now. We wouldn’t be surprised, as products of the German manufacturer have been perfected and fine-tuned to your needs for the past 150 years, making them the leading brand of kitchen equipment in Europe. The always stylish and innovative stand of Bosch must be a familiar sight to visitors of the Kitchen Show. Each year we welcome the German kitchen giant at the exhibition, as their timeless products and pioneering work in the field of kitchen appliances prove that Bosch shares its core values with the Kitchen Show. And as sponsors of the Kitchen Show main stage, their contribution of unforgettable cooking shows and exciting presentations to the Kitchen Show programme have always been highlights of this wonderful weekend. Read on to discover more about one of the biggest players in kitchen appliances: Bosch.

Once upon a time in Stuttgart...

The history of Robert Bosch GmbH - or simply: Bosch - started in 1886 when German mechanic Robert Bosch founded his first workshop in Stuttgart. Bosch - who worked as an apprentice at Siemens and under Thomas Edison himself - garnered an excellent reputation for the workshop with his innovative patents for automobile engines, making the expansion of the business possible. Bosch opened its first workshop in Hungary in 1898. Bosch technologies are available worldwide and concern almost all aspects of everyday life - including your home and the kitchen as well. Their innovative kitchen appliances resulted in the name ‘Bosch’ being synonymous with modern, well-equipped kitchens.

Thriving for an enjoyable future

The success of this 150-year-old business lies in its clear sense of mission and its strict adherence to the original vision of Robert Bosch. Its main goal is to inspire enthusiasm and interest in its customers, so that kitchen work can be elevated to become more than just a chore. With its constant technological advancements, Bosch aims at transforming the quality of life of the modern human, while also putting an emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness. And at this year’s Kitchen Show, Bosch will arrive as one of the pioneering forces of the most exciting kitchen trend of our time: read on and delve into the smart kitchen revolution of Bosch!

The time of smart kitchens has arrived

It’s a common belief that more “gadgets” in our modern homes result in a much more complicated life with a decrease in our attention span. Bosch, on the other hand, believes that the introduction of intelligent home appliances to your home can have the opposite effect: with Home Connect ready appliances Bosch creates a comfortable, stress-free and focused environment. Thanks to the Home Connect function, your home appliances - including kitchen appliances - can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. As part of a universal and easy-to-use home environment, you can easily set and supervise your oven, refrigerator or dishwasher through Wi-Fi wherever you are. The emergence of smart appliances is a true revolution: Home Connect changes every aspect of your everyday life, leading one day to a completely smart home where each and every corner, equipment and appliance is under your fluent control.

Incredible Bosch innovations

As usual, Bosch brings out its latest technological advancements and innovations to the Kitchen Show. Their Home Connect ready kitchen appliances include the Serie6 ovens with built-in thermometers and 30 pre-installed programs, as well as a number of brand new functions for a truly elevated cooking experience. The Serie6 refrigerators can send you notifications about the inner temperatures of the refrigerator and the freezer, and they’re equipped with innovative cameras for you, so that you can always keep an eye on your ingredients and meals while they’re inside! Bosch appliances can communicate with you, but also with each other: the Bosch drying machines with built-in Smart Dry function exchange data with your washing machine to pick the drying program that is best for you.

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Bosch will surely present its full line-up of its most exciting innovations and kitchen appliances at this year’s Kitchen Show. You can check the full list of Bosch novelties here - but to make sure you don’t miss anything, we recommend coming to the Budapest Arena between February 28 and March 1, 2020 to explore the products of Bosch in person at Hungary’s most unique kitchen exhibition. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest kitchen trends, inspiration and much more!

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