BACK Kitchen appliances for every occasion - Part 1

Kitchen appliances for every occasion - Part 1

2020. 02. 21
Kitchen appliances for every occasion - Part 1

To make kitchen work comfortable and effective, we tend to rely more and more on trustworthy kitchen appliances. Finding the appliances that suit your needs the most can be challenging, but we’ve got good news for you: you’ll be able to explore a diverse world of kitchen equipment, from large home appliances, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers to blenders, mixers, professional coffee machines and wine coolers, all at the 11th Kitchen Show! In our two-part article we made a list of the best brands and manufacturers of kitchen appliances, who will make an appearance at the Budapest Arena between Feburary 28 and March 1, 2020. Read part one now!

If elegance is important for you: Whirlpool

Along with its signature products, Whirlpool will bring the unmistakable elegance of the color black to the Kitchen Show in the form of its brand new W Collection Black Fiber product line. The unique, warm texture of stainless steel appliances was inspired by nature to invoke the mysterious yet calm atmosphere of black in your kitchen. Make no mistake, Whirlpool appliances radiate stability in color and in function as well: the brand’s well-renowned W Collection W11 design and Supreme Clean products thrive for an easier kitchen work experience with the help of the latest technologies.

If you’re looking for groundbreaking design: Smeg

Designers of Smeg and Dolce&Gabbane have, once again, collaborated to upset the established order of small appliances with their “Sicily is my love” collection. The iconic patterns on Smeg toasters, fruit presses, coffee machines, blenders, mixers and electric kettles were inspired by Southern Italy: citrus fruit, figs, vibrant red cherries and the typical Sicilian triangle patterns transform these kitchen appliances to become pieces of art. Visit Smeg at the Kitchen Show for its groundbreaking product line-up!

If you love your kitchen smart: NEFF

With more than 150 years of history, NEFF always explores new frontiers in oven design with its pioneering ideas and solutions. The German manufacturer believes that even the latest technologies are final: innovations and the perfection of functions are not only welcome, but something manufacturers have to thrive for. The brand new Slide&Hide ovens were designed with this in mind: their front doors can be easily slid under the appliance, resulting in an easy-to-reach interior for the oven. At the Kitchen Show you can also see the NEFF induction cooker with built-in extractor, as well as its Home Connect ready ovens, all aimed at bringing the future of smart kitchens to the Budapest Arena.

If you won’t compromise when it comes to your coffee: Miele

“So how do you drink yours?” - the question must be familiar to anyone who’s been offered coffee before. But good coffee is much more than just sugar and milk. You might suspect that you’d need to be a professional to be able to make the perfect coffee, but Miele would like to prove that even you can create the perfect coffee - even at home! The Miele built-in coffee machine with Barista Assistant function saves your favorite coffee settings. You can fine tune those settings until you reach the ideal taste, but be warned: after tasting the final product, you’ll suspect that the Miele coffee machine can literally read your mind!

If you’re looking for a diverse brand: Caso Design

Caso Design and its fresh vision will be featured at this year’s Kitchen Show for the first time. Caso brings an extraordinary and diverse product line-up to the exhibition: the brand, founded in 2001, has already made its mark on the market with its production of quality microwave ovens, vacuum sealers, mobile induction hobs and milk frothers. Furthermore, Caso is already the leading manufacturer of wine coolers in Germany. Explore the world of Caso Design and equip your kitchen with their line-up of versatile kitchen appliances!

If a simple refrigerator is not good enough: Haier

With keeping your ingredients and prepared meals safe, a good refrigerator is one of the most important factors in the everyday health of yourself and your family. Premium Haier fridges complete with Dual Inverter and Switch Zone functions can work as a refrigerator or a freezer as well, ensuring proper food safety at home. Haier wine coolers come with an UV filtered door to keep bottles from the harmful effect of sunlight. Visit Haier at the exhibition and explore its stylish yet practical line-up of refrigerators, keys to a safe and healthy kitchen!

Stay tuned for part two in our series about the most exciting manufacturers of small and large kitchen appliances, and premium kitchen brands. Until then, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, fresh content and inspiration everyday until the 11th Kitchen Show arrives!

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