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Revolutionary novelties by Miele

2022. 01. 18
Revolutionary novelties by Miele

Immer Besser - the slogan of Miele means that for more than 120 years they have never been satisfied with the best, they have always been striving for more and better. Their operation focuses on the production of kitchen, textile and floor care household appliances with a clear mission: to make Miele the most reliable and attractive premium brand in the world. They offer products that are of the highest standard in terms of longevity, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency and appearance.

Miele is a returning star at the Kitchen Show, but this year they are taking attendance to an even higher level: as a titular sponsor, Miele will host a three-day series of on-stage programs. The programme includes exciting cooking demonstrations and a press brunch, where Miele brand ambassador Vivien Mádai and chef Sándor Kis will prepare a weekend breakfast and a brunch menu. Furthermore, food stylist Dóra Iklódi will take you on a journey into the world of clean shapes and eye-catching plates - with useful tricks and practicalities for home cooks. Stay with us in the meantime and explore the breathtaking novelties of Miele!

Focused power

Do you regularly host dinner parties for your friends and family? Have you banished your large pots or pans to your closet since you started using a ceramic hob? Then Miele’s latest 2in1 induction hob was invented for you. It has 4 cooking areas that can be combined into 2 PowerFlex XL cooking zones that can be concentrated to a single zone for maximum performance. The hob recognizes the placed pan immediately when it is switched on, and can keep the bottom of the pan warm without burn damage. The built-in hood not only provides elegance and complete freedom in the kitchen, but also automatically responds to the settings of the hob. On top of that, its use is energy-saving and quiet thanks to the ECO motor.

Crisp and clean

When it comes to kitchen design, ergonomics and smart storage solutions are essential considerations. No matter how streamlined the kitchen is, larger usable surfaces or concealed tools are always nice to have. The extremely quiet, elegant, matte black Miele Downdraft cooker hood can be easily recessed into the counter. The hood reacts immediately to the settings of the hob, getting into the ideal operating position right away. Often critical grease removal and cleanability are no longer an obstacle for extractors thanks to the 10-layer stainless steel grease filter.

Stay fresh

In an age of sustainability, keeping ingredients and meals fresh in an energy efficient way is more important than ever. Luckily, the new generation of built-in refrigerators by Miele takes care of both, and the K7000 models have a number of unique features that make everyday use more comfortable and enjoyable than imaginable. In the higher-end models of the product family a front-to-back glass shelf called FlexiTray provides easy access to food stored in the refrigerator. Naturally, the height of the shelves in the door can be freely adjusted to taste. Particularly carefully crafted details, a stainless steel back wall, stainless steel drawers, straight handles and a lighted DynaCool fan make the new generation of refrigerators a worthy element of any clean, modern kitchen.

Join us between 22-24 April in the Budapest Arena and get to know the latest generation of kitchen appliances first hand! In the meantime, join us on Instagram and Facebook!

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