BACK Architectural rationalism and personal mood by ASTER

Architectural rationalism and personal mood by ASTER

2022. 04. 10
Architectural rationalism and personal mood by ASTER

The Italian ASTER product range includes 12 different styles of kitchen furniture from classic to minimal. But the brand’s premium character is not only reflected in its versatile yet uniformly stunning appearance: it works with high-quality materials, such as noble wood, glass and steel. A special feature is the bold and unusual combination of materials, you can even find sophisticated leather decorative elements on the kitchen furniture.

ASTER kitchen furniture also offers exciting functional elements, all designed for ultimate comfort and elegance. Just as with other everyday objects such as fashion items, the insides of kitchen furniture should be carefully inspected to see what is below the surface - whether the edges, joints, finishes and textures are flawless. ASTER’s commitment to quality is unequivocally demonstrated by the impressive attention to detail in the interior of the furniture, even to the untrained eye.

But beyond the technical details, it is passion and a unique approach that make the brand truly special. They see design as the language that manifests ideas and passions, therefore their collections can create a personal, intimate atmosphere in the interior. Each collection tells a universal story and casts it in physical forms and solutions. In this spirit, 5 different moods have been defined, each with a different source of inspiration and a distinct character. Get to know them better!


Moderno is about what is happening right now: about things and emotions that were not yesterday and will not be tomorrow. Capturing the essence of the fleeting moment, the mood reflects the duality of modern existence: the respectable strength and the fragility of sensibility that are both necessary for a meaningful experience of the present.

Most of the brand’s collections fall into the Moderno mood: the brilliant Pure Glam, the beautiful Contempora, the artistic Brera Academy and the clean Atelier series.


The Factory atmosphere is a tribute to ongoing artistic creation. Imagine a vibrant, creative studio, where different ideas and styles mix, opening up new horizons through their interaction with each other. Steel and wood, polished, glossy, lacquered surfaces - the Factory vibe is all about breaking the rules for those who want to arrange their living space in a nonconformist way, with bold and unique solutions.


The Transitional design vibe across the Timeline and Avenue collections is for those who love to travel through time, to interpret, to evolve, to wear something different every day. The best example in architecture is perhaps a main road you find in a great city, coloured by history over time. Although existing in the present, it keeps heading into the future. This atmosphere helps you embrace each day as a new beginning.


Luxury Glam embodies luxury with a touch of glamor through playful combinations of gold and silver, glossy finishes and mirrors, opulent surfaces and precious wood. Immaculate looks, glory, lavish excess, unbridled fun, insider winking - the Luxury Glam vibe cannot be defined in simple terms, its essence is evoked by the power of association.


The Tradizionale, which includes the Portrait and Opera collections, has a classic atmosphere that evokes the traditions of the past in the interior. Tradition is not necessarily reflected in the look of the individual pieces of furniture, but rather in the overall effect. It is a style with an emotional core rooted in the stability of the past.

Find the mood that suits you - look for ASTER at this year’s Kitchen Show, between 22-24 April at the Budapest Arena, where you can discover the perfect harmony of function and form! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring content and breaking news!

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