BACK Three-day gastro festival on the Miele Main Stage

Three-day gastro festival on the Miele Main Stage

2022. 04. 10
Three-day gastro festival on the Miele Main Stage

The Kitchen Show is not just about the hottest trends, the most beautiful kitchen furniture, or the latest appliances and equipment. During the three days of the event, our exhibitors await with exciting stand programmes, and the defining faces of the Hungarian gastro scene will amaze you with exciting presentations on the Miele Main Stage: star chefs, young talents and bloggers are about to reveal their best tricks and explore the ever-changing world of modern cuisine. Spring delicacies, the bistro burger of 2022, reimagined Hungarian classics and Japanese-Hungarian fusion dishes shall all be cooking on stage sponsored by Miele, to name but a few of the delicious offerings. Stay tuned and save the date!


Friday will start with a press breakfast with Miele’s chef and brand ambassadors. Chef Sándor Kis and Vivien Mádai will prepare weekend breakfast and brunch dishes, while food stylist Dóra Iklódi will guide us through the world of clean shapes and eye-catching plates, showing us some moves and practices that can be practiced at home. Then, at 12:15, Jani Jancsa - formerly known as Burger Papa and currently the owner and culinary leader of Bamba Marha, Donna Mamma Pizza Napoletana and Hoppá! Bistro - will prepare this year’s umami-rich bistro burger in his signature delightful style.

13:15 marks the start of Bea Gáspár’s gastronomic adventures, followed by a presentation of Mindmegette at 14:30: ldikó Farkasinszki will create her coffee cream profiteroles and fruit tarts. Then we can learn from Zsófia Mautner during the #CookforUkraine charity cooking session of Nosalty. To round the day off, Adrienn Szabó prepares a real Hungarian superfood: savory oatmeal cottage cheese dumplings!


Saturday will start at 10:30 am with a modern dessert by Lili László, followed by a visit to the kitchen of our most beloved Zsófia Mautner, where she will be preparing creative, colorful and mouth-watering spring salads that will keep even the most die-hard meat eaters on their toes. In addition to the countless super ideas, Zsófi will also be sharing her favorite miraculous Eastern-inspired dressing recipe! Balázs Sepsi takes over from Zsófi on stage representing Mindmegette, where he will prepare a sumptuous pork chop with a marrowy-mushroom and green-pea ragout and garnish.

From 13:15, Zoltán Nagy and Lilla Kocsis from Boutiq’Bar shall start a cocktail revolution. Afterwards, you can taste fresh spring delicacies made with Miele’s fantastic combi steamer, then József Bernáth will show us how to conjure up the Hungarian bistro kitchen with style and flair. The chef of Pajta restaurant in Őriszentpéter, Richárd Farkas will be holding the stage between 16:30 and 17:30, revealing the mysteries of the Modern Cuisine of Őrség, its traditional dishes, ingredients and technologies through the emblematic dish of the region, dödölle.

Pajta is at the forefront of the farm-to-table concept in Hungary, with unparalleled success in presenting classic local flavors in a modern form, based on quality, regionality and seasonality. You can experience this inimitable, authentic and captivating atmosphere during the creation of dödölle, onions, sour cream and bacon.


On the last day of the event, life starts at 10:45 on the Miele Main Stage with a presentation by Zoltán Andrejszky, who will show some unmissable dishes for fish lovers in particular. Afterwards, Ildikó Farkasinszki will prepare her heavenly coffee cream profiteroles and fruit tarts, courtesy of Mindmegette. From 13:15, ICON will dazzle you with a truly special fusion: a version of the Hungarian vadas will be prepared right in front of your eyes, with kimchi and yuzu.

The unconventional fine dining concept of ICON, combining open cuisine and top gastronomy, is the brainchild of chef Tamás Botos and restaurant manager Kristóf Szigeti. The main source of inspiration for ICON is the chef’s table, which is the most exclusive spot in many restaurants, often located in the restaurant’s kitchen. In this spirit, during dinner Tamás explains how and what is being prepared, every moment of the tasting menu can be followed by the restaurant’s visitors.

From 14:30, the Miele combi steamer will once again take center stage. We will close the day - and the event as well - with a fantastic gastronomic feast by Dávid Pallag, chef and owner of Rutin restaurant. The ambitious young chef appeared on the show Konyhafőnök in 2016, where he made it all the way to the final. Eventually, however, life brought him back to the micro-environment where he was raised in, and now he and his wife are focused on creating a genuine hospitality experience that reflects the values of their beloved area.

Sausage jam stuffed into crispy wonton noodles, light potato cream, charcoal roasted mangalica tenderloin medallion, plus a couple of routine twists, but let’s just call it Potato Noodles. This is how a one-person kitchen becomes a success story!

Get your discounted tickets here, and join us for the greatest kitchen-themed event of the spring between 22-24 April at the Budapest Arena. Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!

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