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Kitchen trend guide 2020

2020. 01. 23
Kitchen trend guide 2020

When designing a kitchen, functionality, a good concept, great use of space and simplicity are in focus, along with style and visual aesthetics. As the kitchen is a crucial place in every home, it needs to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere where spending time is more than just work. Size really doesn’t matter here: the ideal kitchen can be created with the help of natural, durable materials, fresh colors and great textures. Strong geometry, exciting surfaces, hi-tech kitchen appliances, groundbreaking lamp and furniture design are just a few additions that can make a kitchen bold and modern. Read on to explore the latest trends in kitchen design!

Marble – an everlasting trend

Marble is an elegant, fine choice for a surface, whether it’s a countertop, a flooring solution or wall cover. Carrara marble will never go out of style, but quartz, granite and other natural stone surfaces are great alternatives for evoking a luxury atmosphere in your home. A clean, contemporary result can be achieved if the marble countertop is matched by a marble backsplash or wall. There’s a wide variety of patterns and colors available for marble. Introduce different materials and colors to ease up a traditional surface. Stone veneer is an exciting and innovative material that can be applied in many different ways thank to its flexibility.


How can you introduce colors in your kitchen? It’s easy: with the help of furniture, flooring, accessories and kitchen appliances. While all-white kitchens are popular, you can try to put a twist on it by applying a number of colors to specific areas. All shades of green are fashionable – dark, intense shades are perfect for fans of dramatic elegance -, including pine green, petroleum green and the colder shades of green, all in service of a contemporary, yet timeless atmosphere in your kitchen, radiation freshness and calmness in the room. Color trends of 2020 include rich, deep hues of blue, purple, terracotta and ocher – all warm and earthly colors. Soft pastel colors, such as powder pink are also appropriate for 2020.

Home appliances are getting not only smarter, but more colorful: there’s a growing diversity in color and design choices for kitchen equipment and machinery. The biggest brands and manufacturers tend to follow trends with their latest releases, thus helping you in applying the latest color trends to your dream kitchen.


The right choice of material for a countertop, you can invite the touch of nature into your home. Natural wood surfaces definitely stand out with their warm colors, and they can be easily complemented with stone, metal, concrete or even glass elements. The rich color and fine patterns of walnut is a natural and elegant choice for any home.

Floating kitchen islands

A kitchen island is a great design choice for a modern kitchen when enough space can be allocated to it. The latest twist on this concept is the floating island, resulting in an airy, spacious impression, while also staying fully functional, providing a huge surface for kitchen preparation works and storage. Cook and socialize at the same time with a floating kitchen island – a solution that also brings a striking visual addition to your home.

Hidden handles

Handle-free kitchen furniture and cabinets are extremely popular in the modern kitchen. The more hidden and clean the design, the more elegant and contemporary the final visual impact becomes, with completely out-of-sight handles contributing to a harmonious unity of furniture pieces. Doors and shelves open easily with a simple touch. Handles can be engraved, and can also have the same color as the furniture, becoming almost invisible. And with the abundance of innovative push-open or touch to open solutions, anyone can find the perfect solution.

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Our professional assistant for the article was Zselyke Szendrey.

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