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Design ideas for your dream kitchen

2020. 01. 27
Design ideas for your dream kitchen

We can’t stress it enough: your kitchen is truly the soul of your home. Whether it’s social occasions, family moments or your everyday life, your kitchen plays a central part in the life of each and every household. And since you spend a significant amount of time in there, it’s crucial to spend that time in an enjoyable and efficient manner. In our latest article, we share the best tips, tricks and ideas for designing and building your dream kitchen. Read on and get inspired!

Ergonomy in the kitchen

Kitchen design principles are shaped each year by new trends, but one central idea never changes: kitchens are a place where you want to prepare meals in a comfortable, yet effective manner. Therefore, it is a must to create a space with maximum ergonomy in mind, elevating work in the kitchen to something that is fun and enjoyable. The first aspect of kitchen design is the size of the room. A kitchen can be a huge social space, but it can also be a smaller, more intimate corner of your home where you take refuge on stressful days. Don’t worry, a small kitchen is nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary: furnishing a smaller kitchen is much easier and affordable, and keeping it clean is a lot simpler!

Regardless of size, you need to decide on the layout of your kitchen. There are a number of popular arrangements for kitchens - all you need to figure out is what you and your family need in your home. The linear layout is quite efficient and easy to keep clean, while the L-shaped layout is best for those who like to transform their kitchen into a social hub. The open-concept kitchen literally breaks the wall between the kitchen and the rest of your home, while the U-shaped layout closes up the kitchen, retaining its original function. Work areas, surfaces and equipment should be placed in a way that is intuitive and logical, regarding your workstyle in the kitchen. Meal preparation and cooking should be fun and efficient , so it’s crucial that everything in there is in its rightful place. That is why realizing what you and your family need from your kitchen is the first step in kitchen design. Read our article about kitchen ergonomy and learn what the famous “golden triangle of the kitchen” is!

Function first

You have to know exactly how you and your family members work in and around the kitchen before coming up with the perfect kitchen. Experts advise people in renovation works to ask themselves: how many people use the kitchen? Do you do a lot of cooking in there? Do you usually have guests? Even the slightest bit of specific need can totally reshape the space in question, that is why it is crucial to answer these questions yourself. Then, the design process must be dictated first and foremost by practical needs.

You might not even think about it, but there is a well-known order in which food and ingredients get from the entrance of your home to the kitchen, and then to the dining table. It varies, of course, depending on your personal habits: you might want to put your shopping bags on a side table or countertop, or even the kitchen island. It could be that you put ingredients in the fridge as soon as you get home, or you might want to start preparing them right away. When your habits are clear to you, it becomes obvious how the layout of your kitchen should be. It will also become obvious what sort of worktop you should be looking for in your dream kitchen. A good countertop has three distinct qualities: easy to clean, sufficient scratch and thermal resistance. The same can be said for the kitchen floor and backsplash, where being waterproof and easy to clean are crucial.

Trustworthy kitchen appliances are also essential for efficient kitchen work. One of the most important trends of 2020 will be that more and more home appliances will turn “smart”: with your phone and through wi-fi connection you will be able to easily control the oven, fridge, or even smaller appliances such as the rice cooker! Continuous innovation and technological advancements will make your time in the kitchen even more comfortable and satisfying.

Cooking with style

A good kitchen has great ergonomic design and is focused on the practical aspect of space, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be stylish and fashionable. A modern kitchen can be an integral part of the overall interior design of your home. Thanks to this, a wide number of colors, materials and designs are available for almost all elements of your kitchen, including flooring, backsplash, countertop and home appliances.

While the all-white kitchen was big in 2019, experts say that 2020 will see the appearance of some bold colors. This will be especially true to countertops and backsplashes, where the use of really vivid and striking colors and materials can have a strong visual effect on your home. More than that, if both are the same design, it would seem that the backsplash is a stunning continuation of your worktop. Your home appliances can bring some color into your kitchen as well: manufacturers are releasing their products following the latest trends in design, so that anyone can find a style that suits them best, whether it’s an oven, hood, coffee machine or wine cooler.

The best flooring solutions combine design and practicality. The all-classic hardwood floors, laminated floors, ceramic or porcelain tiles, the unmistakable stained concrete or the popular vinyl are all modern and timeless choices for your dream kitchen. Just ask the experts’ opinion on which floor would be the best for your habits and needs!

Storage of your tools, pots and kitchen equipment is also a crucial aspect of the visual appearance of your kitchen. Open shelving has been popular in the past years, where doors and drawers disappear, giving way to an orderly, open presentation of your cookware. And for those who are into more traditional ways of storing kitchen items, handle-free and touch-to-open storage is available to give your kitchen an elegant and modern twist.

The modern kitchen

There are a number of aspects of designing a good kitchen: you have to understand the habits of you and others using it, but you don’t have to refrain from a stylish, modern visual appearance. An almost infinite number of colors, materials and forms are available for you to come up with a kitchen that is a true expression of your personality, while satisfying your everyday needs. If you feel paralyzed by choice, be sure to read our summary of the biggest kitchen trends of 2020!

2019 was the year of the open-concept kitchen: it became an organic part of the home visually and functionally. Family took over the kitchen; the area was transformed into a social hub where preparation, cooking and dining were done together. The island in the middle of the interior was the perfect platform for social and family interactions, as well as easier kitchen work. Now, professionals say that in 2020 kitchens can become kitchens again: the walls close up, the space itself will, once again, become the sole center of cooking. Open shelving will be overtaken by hidden storages and handles, space decreases while practicality increases. The “smart” revolution expands and will affect almost every appliance in the kitchen. Bold, vivid colors will be reintroduced into the all-white environment as stunning backsplashes and fashionable ovens will make an impression. Warmer, earthy colors, dark countertops and black matte kitchen appliances will transform the interior. Don’t forget: the 2020 Color of the Year by Pantone is Classic Blue, so you can expect it to make an appearance in your kitchen as well!

In the end, all that matters is you and your family. The dream kitchen will only become an inviting, familiar place once it can satisfy all your needs. In such a kitchen, work becomes a time spent well. Make sure to visit the 11th Kitchen Fair at the Budapest Arena between September 25-27. 2020 for finding endless inspiration - and all the tools and ideas for your dream kitchen!

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