BACK Fridge fashion show at Kitchen Show 2020

Fridge fashion show at Kitchen Show 2020

2020. 03. 16
Fridge fashion show at Kitchen Show 2020

Along with the mesmerizing product range of exhibitors, various programs and innovations awaited visitors of the 11th Kitchen Show: VIP guests at the BOSCH Main Stage, cooking shows, product presentations at the stands, and we haven’t even mentioned the amazing fashion show yet! No ordinary models were roaming the runway that weekend: the most extraordinary and spectacular refrigerators amazed audiences of the fridge fashion show of the Kitchen Show! You can find out more about the main stars of the fashion show, with help from the experts at SELL Magazin!

A fridge of many faces

Bosch KGN39IJ3A stands out - not only because of its height of 203 centimetres, but thanks to it special features as well: the refrigerator can change its looks whenever you need it. It needs your assistance, though, to fully live up to its name. The front doors of the VarioStyle freezer series can be changed easily with a clever combination of hidden bands and magnets providing an extremely easy solution. Thanks to this, the color of the front doors can be changed without trouble. And the color range available is rather huge, ranging from cherry to espresso and aqua blue.

Exclusive freshness

Hitachi R-M700VAGRU9X is an extraordinary model in its appearance, but also in the innovative technologies found beneath the exclusive looks. One of these features is the touch-operated door, which is an elegant yet practical solution to moments when your hands are full of bags. The vacuum compartment is even more exciting, helping the preservation of freshness of your ingredients. The vacuum pump decreases oxygen levels inside the fridge, reaching an 0,8 atmospheric pressure rate, leading to an ideal environment for storing food and keeping them fresh for an extended period.

The ultimate storage solution

Samsung RH5790707 has a peculiar feature that invited the interest of visitors of Kitchen Show. The unique ShowCase built-in feature is really a “fridge inside the fridge” solution, resulting in easy access to ingredients and meals in your refrigerator. There is a separate door found on the model that leads to a compartment that has three zones. Each of them consists of two cabinets, meaning that each member of your family can use their own cabinet inside the fridge for an ultimate storage experience.

Retro style, modern functions

Smeg FAB28RDRB3 catches your eye with its beauty. The red model featuring a striking red design is a journey back in time - but only on the outside. The technical aspects of the refrigerator are truly state-of-the-art and innovative: quiet operation, low energy consumption, fresh drawers, LED lights and a number of other, highly practical and modern solutions for a fantastic refrigerator.

A wide range of fantastic refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers were present at the 11th Kitchen Show, and you can expect these and much more at next year’s exhibition between February 26-28, 2021 at the Budapest Arena! Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and arrive fully prepared at the 12th Kitchen Show!

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