BACK Color of the Year: Pantone Classic Blue in the kitchen

Color of the Year: Pantone Classic Blue in the kitchen

2020. 03. 16
Color of the Year: Pantone Classic Blue in the kitchen

This year saw the 11th rendition of Hungary’s most colorful kitchen exhibition, the Kitchen Show - meaning that we’ve been delivering the leading brands and manufacturers of domestic and international kitchen design to the Budapest Arena for 11 consecutive years now. But beyond presenting a wide range of premium furniture and kitchen appliances, it is important for us to provide inspiration for visitors: these goals were unified in one of the most spectacular installations of Kitchen Show 2020, designed by the stylists of 0614 Design Kata Hortobágyi and Tímea Tímár. In focus of the installation was Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020. Read on and find out more about this fantastic installation!

Pantone Color Institute is a leading expert of colors. They project and influence global color trends, while dealing with a number of large businesses in establishing and shaping their visual identity, and to exploit all the benefits and possibilities in the psychology of color and appropriate color use in branding. Since 2000, Pantone Color Institute has been announcing the Color of the Year, which is chosen through a number of professional - and secret - meetings and discourses. Leading color experts of different nations and professionals discuss the latest tendencies and their connections with colors - in 2020 this resulted in Classic Blue being announced as the Color of the Year.

The Color of the Year is always a reflection on the zeitgeist, the reigning ideas, concepts and trends of each year. In the words of Pantone: “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Imprinted in our psyches as a restful color, Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Aiding concentration and bringing laser like clarity, Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts. A reflective blue tone, it fosters resilience.” The installation of 0614 captured this simple elegance of Classic Blue in the most diverse ways possible.

There are many ways you can introduce color and style into your kitchen, and stylists of 0614 used as many options as possible - from flooring solutions through cabinet fronts, kitchen appliances to accessories - to show visitors of the exhibition the capabilities and full potential of Classic Blue. The four-way space made up of the interconnection of a diner, a living room, a kitchen and a resting corner was cut off from its environment with the use of spectacular fabrics, resulting in a true island of blue.

Alongside the dominant Classic Blue, main colors of the installation included different shades of black, as well as wood and wood-effect surfaces, and a number of golden and yellow copper accessories, evoking simple elegance in the interior. Plenty of kitchen accessories, bowls, decor items, vases and kitchen appliances were vessels for the peaceful Classic Blue, with deep black furniture and a granite worktop providing the backdrop for them. And the touch of luxury was brought to the interior by the beautiful design couch, as well as velvet chairs and furniture, inviting visitors into the world of 0614 Design with exceptional style and comfort - a world we wouldn’t want to leave anytime soon!

Color of the Year installation
Designed by 0614 Design - Kata Hortobágyi and Tímea Tímár

Brands and products in the interior: Ágnes Kollár and Renáta Köves tye-dyed fabrics, DIEGO fabrics, Gránit Kft. granite worktop, Igazifa Design iron bench, InnoConcept Bolia bar trolley / lights / tables / furniture / Calligaris table / Furninova cushion / Zuiver carpet / furniture, Interfa kitchen furniture, Judit Lanot and Tünde Ruzicska ceramics, KitchenAid mixer, Mobili Mania Eva Solo accessories / Gubi table / armchairs / Vitra bird decoration, Remodel Studio chairs, Roomba Home wardrobe, Style Center by Müller Mónika planter and artificial plants / chairs and cushions / vases, Solinfo Tom Dixon ceramics and accessories / Vitra chairs

Pantone says that Classic Blue will be the hit color of this year, but how about the Color of the Year 2021? We are eager to welcome you with future trends of kitchen design and the most exciting innovation next year at the 12th Kitchen Show between February 26-28, 2021. Until then, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration. Come and meet us at the Budapest Arena again in 2021!

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