BACK 11 reasons to visit the 11th Kitchen Show in 2020

11 reasons to visit the 11th Kitchen Show in 2020

2020. 02. 27
11 reasons to visit the 11th Kitchen Show in 2020

The most exciting kitchen exhibition of Hungary opens tomorrow at the Budapest Arena, where reliable brands, beautiful furniture, innovative appliances, professional advice and VIP guests and master chefs will be responsible for an unforgettable weekend. If you’re still hesitant about whether you’d like to see the exhibition for yourself, here’s 11 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the 11th Kitchen show between February 28 and March 1!

The secrets of the modern kitchen are waiting you

If you think you’re not in line with the latest trends, don’t worry: our experts, exhibitors and brand representatives will surely answer every one of your questions in regards to what makes a kitchen truly modern! We’ve already talked about color trends of 2020, as well as modern kitchen design, but to really get ahead of the latest trends, we recommend you to visit the Arena, and see the best of what the Hungarian kitchen design scene has to offer for yourself!

Professionals will help you with your kitchen design

Thanks to a number of exhibitors, you will have the opportunity to take part in free sessions of kitchen design consultancy, so if you’re ahead of refurbishment or construction works, don’t miss out. Along with Color Naturalis Bútorok, Tomaj Bútor Manufaktúra and RS Bútor, the National Association of Interior Decorators will also offer its free kitchen design advice to those visiting the Kiskegyed Otthona stand. Click here to register in advance! Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is to show up at the Budapest Arena this weekend!

Get a first-hand experience with the latest innovations

Each of our exhibitors bring out their latest innovations to the Budapest Arena to amaze visitors. You can discover a number of exciting appliances this year, including an induction hob with built in extractor, a toaster with the looks of an art piece, and touch-operated wine coolers - in some cases, you can even try them out! All this is just the tip of the iceberg: to arrive fully prepared, browse through the full list of this year’s innovations coming to the 11th Kitchen Show!

Be amazed by beautiful furniture

Worktops, cabinets, diners, taps, sinks and accessories are available in a plethora of colors, materials and styles nowadays, so you don’t have to make compromises when it comes to designing a kitchen that suits you best. In order to see through the amazing line-up of the many brands and exhibitors, we’ve collected some of the most interesting furniture brands and manufacturers of the 11th Kitchen Show.

See your kitchen in a new light

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to decide which kitchen appliance or furniture piece would fit your home best, especially when walking along the uninspiring aisles of furniture stores. Kitchen Show provides a perfect solution for this, as a number of complete, partially or fully furnished interiors will be erected at the grounds of the Budapest Arena. You will easily see how built-in ovens or coffee machines blend in with the overall look of a kitchen, and you can even witness the effect a well-designed lighting system has on an interior. This way you can experience these appliances and furniture in context with the whole space, and you can also easily ask brand representative your questions, without having to visit a showroom.

Discover the keys to efficient kitchen work

It doesn’t matter how stylish and beautiful your kitchen design is, if spending time there feels like a chore. Luckily, manufacturers and brands at the Kitchen Show are creating small and large kitchen appliances with one aim: to transform work in the kitchen into something thoroughly enjoyable and efficient. From vacuum blenders to ovens with sliding doors, it’s all there at the 11th Kitchen Show! In our two part series we compiled a list of the greatest manufacturers and brands appearing at the Arena this weekend - you can use it as a guide in your journey through the exhibition!

Prepare your kitchen for the smart home revolution

Smart home appliances and kitchen appliances are making a great impact on the world of home design in 2020. These appliances will have a radical effect on your life, as they open up new dimensions of comfortable yet effective work at home. Don’t miss out on the HomeConnect-ready appliances of Bosch and NEFF, as well as the Serie6 smart refrigerators with built-in cameras, and the smart dishwasher that will communicate with your washing machine while operating!

Meet VIP guests of the Kitchen Show

Special guests, the most important faces of Hungarian gastro culture and amazing chefs will shine on the Bosch Main Stage at the 11th Kitchen Show. Szilárd Tóth, chef at SALT, Rozina Wossala, Marcsi Borbás, András Jókuti, Kristóf Steiner, Jani Jancsa, Zsófi Mautner - just to name a few of the VIP guests of Kitchen SHow 2020, but it’s far from the full list of amazing people appearing at the exhibition. To see our detailed program, click here, and browse through the exciting moments that await you at the main stage this weekend at the Budapest Arena!

Even more events and stars at the stands

Along with the Bosch Main Stage, stands of the exhibitors will also provide some unforgettable moments to you throughout the three days of the Kitchen Show! Meet the special guests of Delimano, bake classic Hungarian cookies at Tomaj Bútor Manufaktúra, sign your book with Robi Bede, watch Whirlpool’s cooking show, meet Bosch ambassadors Ádám Németh, Rozina Wossala, Marcsi Borbár and Ági Dobó, and take a peek into the secrets of carpet design - this is just a taste of what you can expect from exhibitors of the 11th Kitchen Show!

Introduce fresh ideas into your home

Our primary aim with the annual Kitchen Show is to inspire you with our exhibitors and their revolutionary ideas: to present you with kitchen design solutions that you’ve never even dreamed of. Still, after seeing some of the most exciting stands for yourself, maybe you’ll feel the urge to try out something new. Kitchen rugs might just be that sort of idea: it might sound strange at first, but we hope to convince you at the 11th Kitchen Show that putting carpets on the kitchen floor might not be such a bad idea after all. At the exhibition, you can meet carpet designers of SZETT to discuss the advantages of kitchen carpets, and you can also take a look at the processes of carpet manufacture. Are you not convinced? One more reason to visit the SZETT stand in person at the 11th Kitchen Show!

Secure a future with the sustainable solutions of the Kitchen Show

One of the most important topics of this century is environmental awareness, which affects a number of aspects in our everyday lives, including our home and the kitchen as well. Making your kitchen environmentally friendly is something you should think about in the planning phase, and using recyclable, natural materials will be crucial when constructing the area. A number of environmentally friendly solutions are available for those who can’t afford a complete refurbishment of their kitchens. Previously, we’ve written about sustainability in the kitchen and zero waste kitchens as well.

+1: No question will be left unanswered at the Kitchen Show

Finally, here’s the most compelling reason to visit the Kitchen Show: no matter what questions you have regarding your dream kitchen, we will have the answers for you. Come to the Budapest Arena alone, with your family, with your children or partner, and walk through the incredible brands, beautiful kitchen solutions, groundbreaking innovations and helpful experts of the exhibition. Find the perfect kitchen at the 11th Kitchen Show opening tomorrow on February 28, welcoming visitors until March!

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